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Where I Live

October 12, 2009

This past year, I’ve been devouring everything I can find on the web relating to fashion, clothes, designers. That includes blogs, news sites, fashion show pictures, and community chat boards. As a result, my “style” has been shifting and I’ve been trying new things. Some have been pretty cool, some have um… not.

I am a reformed jcrew-aholic, lived through a (very) short stint wearing band tees and baggy jeans, and gotten over the idea that business casual is chic. Don’t you remember watching women running around in their suits and heels, looking so put-together and confident. I couldn’t wait till I had a job that required me to dress up. I wish all those chicks had told me that the jobs that go along with those clothes usually suck.

Now I’m just trying to have fun. I’m playing with different trends, wearing things that aren’t necessarily pretty, but are interesting. I’m finding that this way of dressing isn’t the norm here. Boston really has two kinds of people in the city: young professionals and college students. The college students are really casual and the young professionals are really… boring.

Do you fit in where you live? Do you care?