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Beautiful Interiors

September 28, 2009

I love interior design almost as much as I love fashion. Here are some gorgeous interiors from apartment therapy.

0924_tv01_rect540Fur makes everything look cozy.

092809_fall02I love all the different colors and patterns here. But it’s such a unique space (the large windows, staircase) that it can carry off the melange of colors and stuff.

092809-fauxbois_rect540All white spaces are so appealing. It’s a lifestyle I could never maintain- clean, crisp, unstained! This incorporates some of my favorite colors- bright white and bright blue. If I had a desk like this at home, i would definitely blog there instead of laying on my couch.

092809-mrmario1-kristenThis headboard is inspired by Super Mario Bros. but I see a skyline. Wouldn’t it be cool to have it customized to match the skyline in your city?